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MariBiz grows your Dispense & Delivery Canna-Business! We know all those daily tasks that keep your business running -- because we've done them too -- so we created a solution to streamline those tasks and increase your sales. Whether you're a recreational or medical provider, a solo operation or a large company, our platform focuses on privacy, security and ease-of-use for you and your clients. Our exclusive KILL SWITCH gives you control over your sensitive data with instant deletion!

MariBiz is a powerful set of tools. Get more done in less time. Make your customers happy. Reduce headaches. Increase profits.

For about $3 per day, MariBiz is like adding a full-time staff of employees!

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Run your business like a pro...

Web Store

Just fill in a few details about your products, and instantly your Web Store is ready to sell! Increase sales by letting your clients order 24/7 without the hassle of calling, texting, or email. Stay competitive in this highly competitive industry. Sales are neatly organized for you in your Back Office.

Point of Sale

Face-to-face sales are still an important part of your business. Take it to the next level by turning your mobile phone or tablet into a cash register. Access your inventory, process sales & payments, and keep it all organized. Our POS works whether you're a mobile service or a brick-and-mortar business.

Delivery Module

You're so busy you have to hand off orders to someone to deliver, but that poses risks. Keep track of orders to be delivered, who's delivering them, when they arrive, and who signed for the order. All delivery information is kept neat and orderly so no product or money goes missing.

Back Office

A simple and intuitive Back Office ties all your operations together. Keep track of vendors, inventory, sales, payments, staff and more. It's so easy one person could manage it all, or you can assign staff to specific tasks. Couldn't be easier!

MariBiz also includes...

  •  SSL Secure Data Encryption
  •  Business Class Hosting
  •  Unlimited Staff / Products / Vendors
  •  Unlimited Clients / Members / Patients
  •  Exclusive "Emergency KILL SWITCH"
  •  Exportable Data
  •  Support
Medical Marijuana Industry Projected to Top $40 billion
- Newsmax Health
Legal Marijuana Is The Fastest-Growing Industry In The U.S.
- The Huffington Post
Legal Marijuana Sales Could Hit $6.7 Billion
- Fortune
Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States
- Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Let's get you growing...

For about $3 per day, MariBiz will help you
add more customers, make more money, & work less
while ensuring you and your clients are secure

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